Greg is endlessly JOLLY and EXCEEDINGLY cool…and one of the most popular guys in school.

On the day he turns from 9 to 10 he throws a party for the ages and receives a present that changes everything—a phone that can do absolutely anything.


By the time summer ends and school rolls around, everyone in school has a phone too…and soon,

the impacts creep in everywhere.


An absolute joy to read, Cool Jolly Greg is a funny, vibrant story for all school-age children about the importance of personal connection, play, and presence in the moment.

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Author kelly basinger...

is a husband and father of three who approaches every aspect of his life (whether business or pleasure) with joy and optimism, a thirst for knowledge, and a yearning for personal growth and achievement. As an avid reader with a passion for creative writing, he is thrilled to introduce this fun and reflective look at how the pervasiveness of phones and social media come with many unintended consequences, especially for today’s younger generations who have never known any different.

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Illustrator Emily malone...

is an illustrator and animator who discovered her love of art by tracing the drawings of her beloved picture books growing up.

Now she works in children's animation where she hopes to inspire and entertain the next generation with the colorful worlds she creates.

What readers are saying

"Cool Jolly Greg and His Slim Fit Pants is a great read for kids and parents alike. It addresses important topics facing our children, like the pervasiveness of technology, in an easy-to-read and enjoyable way. My daughter also enjoyed the illustrations! Cool Jolly Greg and His Slim Fit Pants will quickly become the go-to nighttime read in your house."

- Leigh Riemer, Amazon, Sr. Account Executive

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"Cool Jolly Greg was a great read for not only my husband and me, but for our 11-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl.  We live in a superfast, technology driven world in which kids prefer to play Roblox and Zoom with their friends as opposed to play outside IRL with them. (On top of that, we have the pandemic!)  Parenting is challenging, but it’s important to remember to teach your kids about the finer things in life that could never be replaced by a screen!  Cool Jolly Greg is an awesome way to help your kids realize the importance of putting the electronics down and gaining a sense of balance.  It’s a must read!"

- Rachel Adams, Twitter, Sr. Client Partner

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"Cool Jolly Greg and His Slim Fit Pants is the book all parents need to read with their children when they first ask for a phone.  Greg is the cool guy at school who gets a phone but doesn't realize how it had taken over his life until it literally goes down the drain.  The book teaches kids in a fun way that socializing and playing with friends in person is a lot more gratifying than texting and getting likes on a post."

- Julie Ferris, mother of two and early childhood teacher

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"Cool Jolly Greg and His Slim Fit Pants is a fun way for parents and kids to begin the difficult conversations about the responsibility that comes with technology. This is a wonderful read with an important message."

- Maggie Caddell, Snapchat, Sr. Account Executive

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"Cool Jolly Greg and His Slim Fit Pants is a fun to read story with a very timely message for both children and parents alike, as it highlights what parents everywhere struggle with...screens and the impact it can have on children’s social and emotional well-being. Told from the perspective of a 10-year-old, the story resonated with my daughter who is of the same age who enjoyed the Dr. Suess-esque rhymes and understood the underlying message. We need more stories like this which are both fun to read while exposing the severity of screen addiction and ultimately course-correct the accelerated path to technology, screens and smart phones to allow kids to be kids as long as possible. "

-Jennifer Klawin, Mom of Tweens, SEL Co-Lead for Manhattan Beach Unified School District and Founder of Tenacious Teens, LLC

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"I think this is a great way to remind kids, using real-life examples, that technology isn’t a substitute for live, interpersonal relationships. There’s so much underlying importance put on social media and technology at an incredibly early age, I think this will only help fuel the education that needs to continue, highlighting balance and understanding of how life actually “works”. 

- Lyndsay Miller, Amazon, Sr. Acct Executive

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